Artigos da conferência Bibliographic Control in the Digital Ecosystem

A revista – Italian Journal of Library and Information Science publicou em seu volume 13, número 1, artigos de apresentações realizadas na International Conference Bibliographic Control in the Digital Ecosystem, realizada online de 8 a 12 de fevereiro de 2021:

  • Universal Bibliographic Control today: preliminary remarks / Mathilde Koskas
  • Conference BC 2021 / Josep Torn
  • Universal bibliographic control in the digital ecosystem: opportunities and challenges / Mauro Guerrini
  • Standards in a new bibliographic world / Renate Behrens
  • Bibliographic control in the fifth information age / Gordon Dunsire
  • Follow me to the library! Bibliographic data in a discovery driven world / Richard Wallis
  • Collocation and Hubs. Fundamental and New Version / Sally McCallum
  • Universal bibliographic control in the semantic web. Opportunities and challenges for the reconciliation of bibliographic data models / Tiziana Possemato
  • Control or Chaos: Embracing Change and Harnessing Innovation in an Ecosystem of Shared Bibliographic Data / Ian Bigelow, Abigail Sparling
  • The multilingual challenge in bibliographic description and access / Pat Riva
  • Rethinking bibliographic control in the light of IFLA LRM entities: the ongoing process at the National library of France / Françoise Leresche
  • The future of bibliographic services in light of new concepts of authority control / Michele Casalini
  • New Challenges in Metadata Management between Publishers and Libraries / Piero Attanasio
  • Two-dimensional books for the new Open Access academic publishing / Fulvio Guatelli
  • Bibliographic control and institutional repositories: welcome to the jungle / Tessa Piazzini
  • In the mangrove society: a collaborative Legal Deposit management hypothesis for the preservation of and permanent access to the national cultural heritage / Giuliano Genetasio, Elda Merenda, Chiara Storti
  • Thesauri in the digital ecosystem / Anna Lucarelli
  • How to build an Identifiers’ policy: the BnF use case / Vincent Boulet
  • The International Standard Name Identifier: extending identity management across the global metadata supply chain / Andrew MacEwan
  • VIAF and the linked data ecosystem / Nathan Putnam
  • Call me by your name: towards an authority data control shared between archives and libraries / Pierluigi Feliciati
  • Shouls catalogue wade in open water? / Paul Weston
  • The National Library of Norway – policies and services / Oddrun Pauline Ohren
  • The Italian National Bibliography today / Paolo Wos Bellini
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and bibliographic control. DDC Short Numbers – Towards machine-based classifying / Elisabeth Mödden
  • Annif and Finto AI: Developing and Implementing Automated Subject Indexing / Osma Suominen, Juho Inkinen, Mona Lehtinen
  • Towards an open and collaborative Authority Control / Barbara Fischer
  • Wikidata: a new perspective towards universal bibliographic control / Carlo Bianchini, Lucia Sardo
  • “Discoverability” in the IIIF digital ecosystem / Paola Manoni
  • Bibliographic Control of Research Datasets: reflections from the EUI Library / Thomas Bourke
  • Integrated Search System: evolving the authority files / Elena Ravelli, Maria Cristina Mataloni
  • DREAM. A project about non-Latin script data / Antonella Fallerini, Agnese Galeffi, Andrea Ribichini, Mario Santanché, Mattia Vallania
  • Two Projects and a Thesaurus. Experiences in the Management, Descriptions and Indexing of Oral Sources / Sabina Magrini
  • The bibliographic control of music in the digital ecosystem. The case of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB) / Klaus Kempf
  • Riviste digitali e digitalizzate italiane (RIDI): a reconnaissance for the national newspaper library / Fabio D’Orsogna, Giulio Palanga

Os artigos estão disponíveis na página da revista e os vídeos da transmissão da Conferência estão disponíveis no canal da Associazione Italiana Biblioteche no YouTube.

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